Smoko Premium Electronic Cigarettes Launches Latest Promotional Offers


(Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK)– Due to growing concerns over the negative direct and secondhand effects of traditional cigarettes, smoking has currently been banned at workplaces, restaurants and public venues, both indoor and out, around the world. Despite this international insurgency, smokers currently amount to a global total of more than 1 billion according to reports released last year by the World Health Organization. Electronic cigarettes were developed, in part, to help those still drawn to the overall smoking experience regain their freedom in this regard.

SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarettes ( has become a prominent component in this movement, providing an array of alternatives for smokers worldwide. As part of the company’s latest efforts to promote freedom for the world’s smokers, spokesperson Mike Cameron recently launched SMOKO’s latest special offers. These apply to immediate sales as well as future product purchases.

Said Cameron, “Nicotine is a unique substance because it generates whatever effect we need when we smoke. If we’re angry, it calms us; when we’re anxious, it relaxes us and when we’re sluggish, it gets us moving. That’s why smoking continues to hold its allure. Conventional cigarettes have received a negative social stigma due to the more than 4,000 chemicals and 50 carcinogens added, but we’ve removed all those elements from our products. All that’s left is the rush of the experience and the freedom of knowing though some are trying to pass legislation against electronic cigarettes, this has yet to happen, so smokers are still free to enjoy them at will.”

Based on information provided via the SMOKO website, the company’s e-liquids are made using the highest quality, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that are all Made in the UK. Products are held to strict quality standards and undergo stringent testing prior to being sold. Among the company’s promotional offers is the ability to earn points to be redeemed for discounts on subsequent purchases. Smokers are also invited to visit to inquire about receiving a free e-cigarette starter kit, currently the company’s top selling product.

Concluded Cameron, “We believe if you smoke, you do so by choice, and it’s your right to make that decision, but do it smarter. Our products are designed to maintain the joy of the smoke break, allowing smokers to enjoy the taste, the hand-to-mouth motion, the satisfying cloud of ‘smoke’ and all the other aspects of the experience anywhere they like without all the downsides of a cigarette. The only things we’ve taken away are the tar, arsenic, carbon monoxide and other unnecessary chemicals and carcinogens. To date, our products have  prevented 85 million tobacco cigarettes from being consumed, and that number continues to grow.”

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About SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarettes:

The SMOKO story dates back over a century as an Aussie term meaning “to take a quick break or to take a cigarette break” , which became synonymous with taking a break from work, enjoying the company of friends or simply having a laugh and reflecting on life. The team at SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarettes brings that sentiment into the present by preserving the essence of the smoko and what it stands for with their alternatives to the conventional cigarette.


The 10 Best Resources For Professionals

Why You Need Live-in Caregivers

Live-in caregivers are very important for people who suffer from disability or permanent illness like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. There are also many of those who are choosing to hire live-in caregivers for the elder family members too. The live-in caregivers can surely stay with you 24 hours a day and they can provide the excellent services to the poor people.

Where are you going to search for live-in caregivers? All that you must do is that you should contact a home health care agency. They can provide you with experienced caregivers. You can definitely trust the live-in caregivers as they are trained in dealing with emergency medical issues. Moreover, they don’t just provide medical help and others but you can get extended care from them as well.

But, people should first clarify some things with the agencies that offer home health care services. Before you actually finalize the deal with such agencies, you should take care of the steps first. One is that you check the certification and licensing. The professionals that work in a home-based health care as well as caregiver services obtain the licensing and the certification from the Department of Health. When you would choose a caregiver for an elderly individual, then you must go through the licensing and the certification of those that would come to your house and serve your grandparents or old parents.

It is also very important that you check the credibility of the agencies. There are so many of those which hire health care professionals or those caregivers via different agencies that are offering home aids. But, it is quite important that you check the past records as well as the credibility of the agencies. To be able to find the best service provider, then you should do some homework about the quality of the services offered by them. You can find a government agency that provides a rating to home health care agencies. You have to check the rating given by them.

The next thing that you should take a look at is the customer care. You should go through the customer care service of the agency which you have chosen. You should also be able to get customer support for general inquiries or emergencies. Agency that is equipped with great customer care department should be preferred.

It is also a great idea that you go for the permanent caregivers. When it comes to hiring attendants or caregivers to your loved ones, then you should not forget to check the status of the person chosen as a caregiver. Know if they are just working part-time or if they are actually direct employees of the agency. You need to hire the permanent caregivers since they are actually more experienced and they are more accountable to the patient and the agency.

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At Last: A Single Stop Jewellery Retailer

Males have it simple. All the guy must perform is actually rise up each day, don his suit, his particular watch, his tie clip, and he is outfitted and ready for anything the day delivers. Females, alternatively, need to have a variety of jewellery that’s befitting whatsoever job they may be playing on that day. Culture demands girls to dress up differently for different occasions, one way with regard to home, another for your place of work, one more regarding cathedral, wedding parties and funerals. Consequently ladies need to wear jewellery that is proper pertaining to every different societal environment. Any time these people look with regard to jewellery, unsurprisingly exactly what they can discover is the fact that every single retail store they visit only provides a single minor piece of the jewellery pie – simply no retail store has all of it.

Now this issue happens to be solved! This Phoenix Beauty ( website is the one spot which usually truly does contain it all. It is really an on-line accessories store which often keeps a thorough inventory of Costume Jewellery for each and every feasible event. Their particular jewellery selection provides one thing for everybody, plus stretches from traditional pearl nuggets to cool bangles and also beads. If you want a special band, wristband, pendant as well as pair of earrings, chances are they have it available. As well as jewellery the web page presents scarves, wraps, watches, evening bags and much more.

Understand The Best Way To Discover Jewelry She Will Love

From wedding rings to a pendant just because, selecting the best jewelry for a woman isn’t always uncomplicated. A person should be sure they spend some time to discover exactly what the receiver might prefer as well as exactly what their particular price range is, after that take a look at a handful of places in the region to be able to discover the perfect piece of jewelry. Making the effort to get this done might look like it can make seeking the perfect piece more challenging, yet it actually makes it much simpler to find something she’s going to appreciate.

If a person is actually looking at diamond engagement rings or various other rings, they are going to need to know exactly what size to purchase. It really is essential to be exact if at all possible so the ring is going to fit when it is given and is not going to need to be adjusted. This could take cautious preparing if they don’t wish to give away the amaze, but it can easily be accomplished simply by tracing a ring the individual currently wears after they take it off and bringing the paper with them to the jewelry expert. In case they may be getting wedding bands or anything else that the receiver is going to be aware of beforehand, they’re able to take her to test rings.

If the person is trying to find diamond bracelets or necklaces, they don’t have to be quite as accurate with the measurements. However, they’re going to still wish to consider exactly what a person likes and also what is going to look great on them. They can usually get guidance from the jeweler if they are not positive just what to buy. The jewelry expert can locate a piece inside their price range and also assist them to choose which one is going to be good for their particular situation. This may make the choice much simpler as the jewelry salesman has a considerable amount of experience of this area.

If you’re able to purchase jewelery for that special someone, ensure you take some time in order to find something they’ll adore. When possible, make sure you know just what size to buy to ensure that it needn’t be modified later. If perhaps you’ll need any kind of assistance locating the ideal piece or you’re not positive just what to obtain within your budget, speak to a specialist at Ascot Diamonds in Atlanta now. They can help you uncover something best.

How to Choose the Best Glasses for Your Face

Choosing glasses can be difficult. You must balance visibility (in the form of lenses large enough for your field of vision) with the unique shape of your face and position of your facial features. In full-service eye clinics, you are often pushed to buy the most expensive frames, even when you’re not thrilled by them. You shouldn’t have to put up with that pressure over a pair of eyeglasses! You should be able to take your time and choose the frames that flatter your face and go with any outfit. Take a look at the list below, which includes tips that give you more power over this important decision.

  • There are different sizes and shapes to frames. The general shape and size of your face should help you determine which frames are best for you. If you have a round face, rectangular or square frames break up the curvature of the upper cheek bones and make your face appear longer and slimmer. By contrast, small, rimless, and round frames tend to draw attention to the roundness of the face.
  • If you have an oval face, glasses that are thicker in the center (the bridge area) and strong angles flatter the face the most. Strong angle frames include square and rectangle shapes. People with oval faces should avoid overly large eyeglasses or sunglasses, because they reduce the symmetrical look of the face.
  • For a square or angular face, frames with soft but distinctive curves are the best. Oval and round frames thin out the face and soften those angles. Thick box-style frames and extreme angles tend to bulk up the angles of the face, making the wearer appear heavier than he or she is.
  • For a more diamond-shaped face, try frames that sweep up to accentuate your cheekbones and other advantages. For a face that is shaped more like a heart, frames with thicker bottoms can reduce the narrow appearance of the chin. The top of the frames should be thin to de-emphasize the width of the forehead.

In additional to these general shapes, there are combinations and variations of all these types. Keep in mind that no one’s face is perfectly symmetrical. One eye is always lower than the other, cheekbones are always slightly uneven, and a mouth is never perfectly horizontal. The right designer frames can de-emphasize these “flaws,” or show them off as endearing feature that make you totally unique!